Health note of the day. If you are trying to get pregnant it is better to keep your pets away from your bedroom, no matter how much you love them.
Health note of the day. If you have headaches and nasal congestion from sinusitis, you can press on the extraordinary acupuncture point: Yingtang. This point locates the midway between the medial end of the eyebrows, this point also known as the “third eye”. Read more

Should I have chemotherapy or not

Last year, it was a tough year. I had a few end of stage patients passed away, they all had surgeries and chemotherapy done before, after we had worked so hard together, I still can not keep them in this world. I missed them, and I know they are in the better place now. But during their last journey I was always asked by them, should I do chemotherapy from beginning? Was it worth to go through all those suffering then I had the same results? Those are questions I cannot answer for them. I have to tell them to decide it with their oncologist, and make their own choice to do or not to do. Read more

The Balance in Your Body

Chinese medicine focus on the states of equilibrium and harmony, I have talked about harmony before, now I will talk about the balance- equilibrium. In Chinese philosophy, when the equilibrium and harmony exist in the perfection, a happy order will prevail throughout heaven and earth, as results, all things will be nourished and flourish. The same rule applies to human body. What is equilibrium in human?  It is the matter and energy, the physical and the mental, the inner and outer are under ideally dynamic balanced states. The equilibrium is the great root for all organ functions. Read more

Yang Qi, the Sun in your body

IMG_0551If there is no Sun, there is no life on earth. Same in your body, if there is no Yang Qi, the life will be end. Our body is just like a microcosm, our body vitalities depend on the Yang Qi normal function. So we have to protect and culture our Yang Qi in our daily life. This is why I always tell my patients not to drink cold or ice water, in order to protect spleen Yang Qi, always keep their back and feet warm, in order to protect Kidney Yang Qi, always keep their chest covered, in order to protect lung and heart Yang Qi, always try to be peace in mind, in order to protect the liver Yang Qi. Read more

Health note of the day. For those vegetarians, you can cook leek soup with black bean, kidney bean, basil, chive, horseradish , walnut. Raspberry, blackberry, chestnut and pistachio also are good for kidney Yang.

©Dr.Li Zhang

Health note of the day. Bone soup is very good to eat at winter time. Cow bone is better than others, if you can break the bone to cook, it is the best way. One portion bone, five portion water, add some ginger and little salt cook for 2 hours, it is good for your kidney Qi.
© Dr.Li Zhang

Health note of the day. We are now in the information and new tech era, information and new things flood into people’s mind, so many techs or methods claim that they can help you, some are good for you, some might not, just use your common sense: anything against your body nature, before you choose to do it, you’d better consult with your health provider.

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Health note of the day. Chinese medicine in a short words is all about harmony. Harmony in your body, harmony with environment. So keeping harmony not battle all the time in your family is very important to your health.

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