Last year, it was a tough year. I had a few end of stage patients passed away, they all had surgeries and chemotherapy done before, after we had worked so hard together, I still can not keep them in this world. I missed them, and I know they are in the better place now. But during their last journey I was always asked by them, should I do chemotherapy from beginning? Was it worth to go through all those suffering then I had the same results? Those are questions I cannot answer for them. I have to tell them to decide it with their oncologist, and make their own choice to do or not to do.

I am a nature Chinese medicine doctor, I personally do not think I will accept chemotherapy myself, but I might accept some surgeries depend on what type of cancer I would have. I also believe Chinese medicine view of cancer treatment more make sense than western medicine view. Because Chinese medicine always investigates human body as a whole and dynamic system that also has been used for thousands of years in the treatment of all imbalances and diseases.

Traditional Chinese medicine relies on four basic forms of treatment to prevent or help cancer patient: herbal therapy, acupuncture, nutritional therapy and exercise/ meditation. These methods are used to help the body restore balance and harmony in the mind,body,spirit whenever it is attacked by a extern pathogen causing or disrupted by internal imbalances.

When I use Chinese medicine treating disease, I do not just see THE disease, I will view as a symptom of any number of disorders and disharmonies affecting an individual. So even as same diagnosed cancer patients, the treatments I will give are different in individual. However in the Western approach, follow the protocol you could each be given the same drug to treat the same disease. They more focus on the disease, not the individual.

The primary goal of Chinese traditional medicine treat cancer is to create balance and harmony environment within a person, try to transform the cancer cell, stimulate the body self healing system. Chinese medicine makes all the effort to improve the internal constitution stronger and focuses much more on immune functions that allow the body to fight cancer. However most Western cancer therapies focus on how to kill he cancer or eliminate the tumor, when those chemotherapy drugs kill caner cells they also kill your normal cells, also the suppressed your body immune system, deplete your body nature kill cell, it makes your body more vulnerable to cancer cells or other disease.

Above all, that is why personally I will not choice chemotherapy, but you have to make your own choice.
©Dr.Li Zhang

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