1. Be sure to keep your head dry on rainy days. This helps prevent headaches, colds, and dampness.

2. How to prevent getting a cold in the winter time: Tip 1: Wash your face with cold water in the morning, eat a good breakfast, eat a small supper, and soak your feet in hot water at night.

3. How to keep from getting a cold in the winter time. Tip 2: Every morning and evening gargle with 1% salt water.

4. How to keep from getting a cold in the winter time: Tip 3: Exercise at least 3 times a week, each time around 30-45 minutes, but do not exercise excessively. Moderate exercise is better to improve your immune system.

5. How to keep from getting a cold in the winter time: Tip 4: Drink hot ginger tea at night before sleeping. To make ginger tea, boil 3g ginger in water with some brown sugar.

6. How to keep from getting a cold in the winter time: Tip 5: If anyone has a cold in your family, you can vaporize vinegar to clean the house air and prevent cross contamination.

7. How to keep from getting a cold in the winter time: Tip 6: Every morning, drink one cup of hot water before you eat breakfast. Please avoid drinking cold, ice water. If you can’t find warm water, drink 2 to 3 liters of room temperature water per day.

8. How to keep from getting a cold in the winter time: Tip 7: Daily take 100-200IU Vitamin E and 1000mg Vitamin C can prevent getting cold in winter time.

9. How to keep from getting a cold in the winter time: Tip 8: Drink and eat organic chicken soup cooked with various vegetables once a week. Eat 3 to 5 pieces of raw garlic every day .

10. How to keep from getting a cold in the winter time: Tip 9: Every morning before you get up, use your hands to massage your face from up to down and from nose to ears direction. Massage your face 30 times until your face and palms feel warm. Then you can rub your ears 30 times from up to down.

11. How to keep from getting a cold in the winter time: Tip 10: Do breathing exercise twice a day, morning and night. When you stand up, your body has to be in the upright position with your feet shoulder width apart and with arms straight up. Concentrate on your breathing. Breathe deep 10 times; this will help your body’s Qi flow better and make your body stronger.

12. Brush your hair from front to back at least 100 times per day until you feel warmth at your scalp. This helps keep your hair in good quality and prevent headache. It is better to use a wood comb.

13. Try to use your finger tips to knock your teeth from bottom to top 81 times a day. It will keep your teeth healthy and strengthen your kidney Qi. Of course make sure your hands are clean before you do it.

14.Try not to eat a lot of food during the night or evening. The good food amount portion for whole day is morning 40%, lunch 40%, and supper 20%. A good breakfast is very important for the day.

15. It is close to the holidays. Please remember not to stay up late! It is better to go to bed before 11pm. Every day you should get at least 7 hours of sleep .

16. Always keep your head and feet warm in the winter time. Wear a hat on windy, cold days when you are outside. Never walk with bare feet on your house floor.

17. Do not put living plants in your bed room. It will disturb your sleep because, during the night, plants consume oxygen and release carbon dioxide. In addition, the soil might hide a lot of mold, which will harm your health.

18. Every night before bed, you can knead your Yongquan point 100 times to prevent aging. Yongquan is on the sole in the depression when the foot is in plantar flexion and in the anterior depression when the foot is flexed, approximately at the junction of the anterior 1/3 and posterior 2/3 of the sole.

19. Chive is a good vegetable to eat in the winter time. It can stimulate your appetite, promote digestion and eyesight, remove blood stasis, and kill bacteria. It also can tonify your kidney Qi and help male impotence.

20. I will begin to share the tips regarding how you should drink your tea today. Tea originated in China and was first used as a medicinal drink. Tea became a popular drink over 1000 years ago in China. In general, there are three types of tea: green, black, and red. Tea has a lot of health benefits for human body, but you have to know how to drink it properly. Tip 1: Do not drink tea with cold or ice water.

21. When you should not drink tea. The tip 2: How you should drink your tea. When you have a fever, you should not drink any type of tea because the caffeine in tea can increase fever and reduce the effects of anti fever medicine.

22. When you should not drink tea. The tip 3: If you have any kind of liver disease, you should try to avoid drinking tea daily. Water is better for you than tea because the tea compounds can be detrimental to the liver tissue.

23. When you should not drink tea. The tip 4: If you have anemia, you cannot drink tea because the tannic acid in tea can be combined with iron and form an insoluble compound. If this happens, your body cannot absorb enough iron.

24. When you should not drink tea. The tip 5. If you are pregnant, you should drink less tea or avoid drinking tea because the compounds in tea, such as polyphenols and caffeine, can affect fetal intelligence development in the womb.

25. When you should not drink tea. The tip 6: If you are breast feeding, you should drink less tea because too much caffeine can enter your milk and pass through your milk to your baby. Then your baby will cry and wake up easily at night.

26. When you should not drink tea. The tip 7: If you have severe gastric ulcer, you should not drink tea because tea can increase gastric acid secretion and stimulate ulcer worsen.

27. When you should not drink tea. The tip 8: If you are drunk you should avoid drinking high concentration tea, otherwise your heart and kidney will be harmed. Merry Christmas everybody.

28. When you should not drink tea. The tip 9: If you have calcium oxalate type of kidney stone, then you should avoid drinking tea because tea contains oxalic acid, which will cause the formation of more stones with urine calcium.

29. When you should not drink tea. The tip 10: Please avoid using tea to take your medications because it might interact with your drug chemical compound and change your medication effect.

30. After Christmas, I believe everyone ate too much and played too much. Here is a good vegetable to help you remove fat from your abdomen and keep your blood pressure normal: Celery. Use 250g, boil it for two minutes, chop it, make juice, and drink it twice a day without ice.

31. Another vegetable that is good for you after you ate too much greasy food: Pleurotus eryugiil. It is also known as the king trumpet mushroom. It can decrease cholesterol level if you eat it over a long period of time. It also helps to improve digestion and skin. If you are allergic to any kind of mushroom, then you cannot eat Pleurotus eryugiil!

32. Cooked white radish is a good vegetable to eat after a big holiday meal. It can help with abdominal bloating, clean toxins, help with cough, and remove phlegm from your lungs. It is also a good vegetable to eat in the winter time.

33. Onion is a common food in America. It is a great vegetable for health. It can enhance the cell virility and metabolic capacity, reduce blood viscosity, and increase Connery blood flow. Onion also contains selenium, which can eliminate free radicals. But you cannot eat too much at one time because it might harm your stomach. If you have fever, acute infection or eye, or skin problem, it is better to stay away from onions. It is always better to choose organic onions to eat.

34. Happy new year everyone! Be responsible to yourself; do not drink and eat too much because of new year day ! May you have a healthy new year .

35. One good food for infertility people in the winter time. Using 250g lamb and 50g of potato and carrot each, chop them into pieces, stir fry them together with soy source, add little green onion, ginger, garlic, and whiskey to cook it until it is well done.

36. Happiness, love, and forgiveness are the best medicines God gives us. In Chinese medicine, happiness and love are good for your heart and liver; forgiveness is good for your kidney, lung and spleen. So all my friends, in the new year 2016, try to be a happy, loving, forgiving person to keep your body in harmony.
©Dr.Li Zhang