Mother nature has given the equal opportunities to all the creatures on earth. No matter virus, bacteria, or human and animal, they all have the right to live in their way. In other words, human is symbiosis with the virus and bacteria.

When human body is strong, virus and bacteria can not cause disease to human, but when human body become weak, virus, bacteria or other pathogens can infect human body, people then get sick. From Chinese medicine view, if the normal Qi (human is strong) sufficient, the pathogen Qi ( virus or bacteria and other pathogen factors) can not find its way to invade the human body, human can live with virus and bacteria in peace, because they are under the balanced environment when normal Qi is weaker than the pathogen Qi, the balance is broken, pathogen factors invade human, human get kinds of disease depend on where the pathogen Qi attack human body. So for Chinese medicine, we do not try to kill or wipe out the pathogens, we try to strength your body normal Qi, in the mean time suppress the pathogen Qi, and lead the way out for pathogen Qi, then human body will be back to health.

Understand how we become sick, we should always culture and make our inside normal Qi as strong as possible, in order to avoid the pathogen invasion, please keep body under balance.

©Dr.Li Zhang

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