I always suggested my patients to take enough protein to keep their healthy. The most question they ask is how do I know what is the amount I have taken,  today I will share some basic knowledge to you. For Adults women generally speaking suggest protein intake: RDA=46g, Adult men RDA=56g
Daily Value=50g. RDA IS recommended dietary allowance
Protein per large egg 6g protein
100g lean chicken is 28g
25g cheese is 7g protein
100g grilled salmon is 22g protein
50g cooked lentils is 8g
Following vegetables protein range from 5 -8g
1/2 cup cooked quinoa has 5-8g protein
2 oz tofu has 5-8g protein
1/4 cup black bean has around 5-8 protein
1/4 cup chickpeas has around 5-8 protein
1/4 cup cooked kidney beans has around 5-8 protein
1tbs peanut butter has around 5-8 protein
1/2 oz almonds has around 5-8 protein
©Dr.Li Zhang

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