Health note of the day. Ginger is good for food taste and an herb use, but you can not eat too much or drink ginger tea all day long. Ginger’s ingredient  contains safrole, especially in rotten ginger, so over use it may increase the risk of liver cancer. Also in Chinese medicine, it is not good to take ginger for three type of person. 1). Yin deficiency 2). Inside heat too strong 3) people with liver problems. It is good to consult with your health provider.

Health note of the day. Spring we love it, but for those people who have pollen allergies are  suffering. When you have nasal congestion, you can try to press and rub them for 5 to 10 minutes on two acu-points to help your symptoms. 1) Bitong: located at the highest point of the nasolabial groove. 2) Yingxiang: located at beside the wing of the nose, at the meeting point with the nasolabial line.

©Dr.Li Zhang

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