Health note of the day. Today I share an acu point Zhi Gou for everyone who is suffering constipation or difficult in bathroom. You can press hard on this point when you go bathroom, it will help your bowel movement. Zhi Gou location is 3 cun above the transverse dorsal crease of the wrist, between the ulna and radius.

Heath note of the day. Use your fists beat both of your inside legs, from down ankle area up to your groin area at least 30times per day, when you feel pain spots, beat those place longer, this exercise can help your digestion, your bone density, blood pressure, your emotional and your hormones balance at home combined with your treatment.
Health note of the day. If you have indigestion problems, such as acid relux, heartburn, it is better to lie on your left side(left lateral decubitus position ),when you sleep at night. This position can help your digestion at night also reduce the acid reflux.
Health note of the day. It is spring now, everything is bloom and happy. In this season it is good to keep your liver system health.( in Chinese medicine term) To do so, you need to easy your mind, eat a lot of greens, drink warm lemon water in the morning, keep your mental health, avoid anger, dress warm in order to keep your Yang energy.
©Dr. Li Zhang

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