During my practice, I heard a lot of names which other people has called me behind my back, Fortunately not called by my patients, but by some of their friends and their doctors. They think acupuncture and Chinese medicine are fake, not real, it is not proved by so called science, because there are not enough statistic results to prove the clinic efficiency, but they do not understand that those experiments are not even designed for Chinese medicine study, there are flaws in those study because there are so many factors and variable they did not consider during design the experiments, of course the results will not be significant since they can not understand principal of Chinese Medicine and they also can not see the meridian by dissection then they think it is a fake thing. 


However more and more physicians begin to open their mind and accept that acupuncture is one of the ways to help people, I got referrals from physicians, I even have physicians as my patients. I always told my patients I do not care what other people has called me, but I do care how they think about Chinese medicine, because I know it is a real medicine same as my patients feel. Some people said acupuncture is just a placebo effects, you might can say it for some mild pain problem, I mean MIGHT, but you can not say acupuncture is placebo effects for reliving pain from those patients who had bad migraine, bad menstrual cramping, the pain bother patients years even after surgeries, those who have tried years or many times IVF not to get pregnant, after they received acupuncture and Chinese herbs they got pregnant placebo can not make you get pregnant, Acupuncture can help your menopause, can eliminate your allergies, can help patients with Crohn’s disease, ulcer colitis under remission, acupuncture can get rid of depression or anxiety, regulate menstrual cycle, cure bell’s palsy, eczema, sex performance dysfunction, all those I have use acupuncture and Chinese herbs helped my patients, you can not just say it is just placebo, Can we just open our mind to  give the credit to acupuncture and Chinese, because Chinese medicine’s foundation is not just based on the material it also has big part based on the energy level, that is why we can not detect the meridian use anatomy methods, but the energy everyone has done acupuncture treatment before definitely can feel!

©Dr.Li Zhang

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