According to Chinese calendar, spring started at Fourth February. Spring is the time to start to clean your house and your body. You use mop and vacuum to clean your house, but how do you clean your body? Of cause acupuncture and Chinese herbs can help you to do this job, here I will introduce a simple detoxing formula for you to do at home.

All vegetables and fruit have to be organic and washed very well. A carrot around 50g, a tomato around 70g, a white radish 60g , celery around 50g, green lemon around 20g, peel the lemon, use those vegetables and fruit make juice, do not put ice when you prepare the juice. You drink the juice first thing in the morning, eat breakfast and lunch but fasting after 2pm until next day morning. keep drinking the juice and fasting at night for 10 days, it will detox blood in your body. You will feel more calm, loss weight, skin brighter, better appetite, and less of skin problems.
©Dr.Li Zhang

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