IMG_3114In Chinese medicine, the Theory Human-Heaven Inter Relation exists in treatment principle, therapy, and others. According to Chinese medicine and philosophy, Human is in the middle of Heaven and Earth. Heaven here is more like the nature of Yang and also like the Way of Tao; the Earth is more like the nature of Yin. They are all part of the natural environment.

Qi of Human and all the living things on earth were produced by the interaction of the Heaven Qi and the Earth Qi. Therefore, for human nature, Qi has to correspond with the universe that God made for us and adapt the human body to the natural environment. Laozi described the relationships in Tao Te Ching as human takes laws from the earth, the Earth takes laws from Heaven, the Heaven takes laws from Tao, the Tao is the Way, and the law of the Tao is always there; this principle never changes, stands alone, and always reaches everywhere and everything.

©Dr.Li Zhang

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